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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blogger's Out of Beta!

Blogger is going through some growing pains... and completely overhauled their service. While it is not mandatory (yet) to switch your current blog, it looks like all new blogs and blog accounts are created in the new version of blogger. It appears that the new version of blogger has some interesting features - most notably being able to screen who can/cannot read your blog! However, the code behind this blog is completely different from dealing with blogger's traditional templates, so I will be doing some exploration of my own to see how this new version of blogger allows for customization.

Note: Blogger just got out of Beta. Beta just mean that it was in a test mode. There were many gliches (which hopefully are now resolved). Currently, I have a test blog which I am working on seeing what I can do with. It would figure that as soon folks got familiar with the traditional blogger they'd go and do a massive overhaul! Guess it's time to teach this dog some new tricks!For a new hack to disable blogger beta's navbar, click here.