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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Setting Up a Blogger Account

There are many hosts of blogs on the internet. There is Opera Community, BlogEasy, TypePad, SquareSpace, and Blogger to name just a few; meanwhile, you can even set up your own proxy server and host your blog yourself. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways to set up free blogs online.

Currently, I use Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google and is a great portal to start blogging with. I feel that its user-friendly interface is its biggest asset, along with the unlimited number of pictures you may upload to it. Blogger is a practical (free) way to get started and maintain a professional looking, reliable, secure site. It also requires little (or no) HTML or programming experience. Through a creation process as simple as writing an email, one may create their very own classroom portal.

Ready to get going? Visit Blogger and set up an account now!

Follow the three easy steps and you're on your way!